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OPT, CPT and EAD Resources

There’s a lot written about new rules and regulations for international students.  Here are just a few of the articles we culled on the subject of student visas, OPT, CPT and EAD.


1. Study in the States

This US government guide offers everything international students need to know about studying at US Colleges and Universities: visa information; forms, backgrounders, blogs and updates on Covid-19’s impact.


2. Updated Visa Guidelines

3. What International Students Should Know About Maintaining their Visa Status

4. What to know about OPT

All of the US News & World Report articles are well-written, clear and chock full of useful information.  This weekly news magazine is known for its coverage of US colleges and universities and for the annual list of “Best Colleges” it has been publishing for years.

Companies Hiring OPT Students


Here are two sources of job postings for foreign students.   We’re not sure how current or reliable these listings are, so please give us feedback and we’ll share it here.

1. Linkedin pages specifically for foreign students.

2. A website with job postings along with tips on how to write resumes, cover letters, etc.


Youtube Videos:

Yudi:  Biggest Myth of OPT – 90 Days to Find a Job /EAD Card Process


Yudi tells you how to manage the 90-day period of time you have to look for work and/or start a job. He also talks about “How and when to get an EAD Card.”

Everything You Need to Know About Working While Attending School With an F1 Visa: 


This video covers On-Campus Employment/CPT: Curricular Practical Training PT, OPT: Optional Practical Training. There's lots of good information here. Yash just talks too fast and his visuals aren't great.

Yash has a website

It features a directory of US Colleges & Universities that accept foreign students, and it has info on test prep; application advice; interview tips, etc.  It’s very comprehensive, but not very slick.  


There's a list of organizations that hire foreign students. This sounds like it could be the “key to the kingdom,” but it’s a fake-out.  The list of organizations is just a list – mostly of colleges, medical schools, labs, foundations and research centers. We will be checking out these organizations and reporting back to you, so stay tuned.


Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 2.19.31 PM.png

Here's a list we like of "The Top 60 Remote Work Websites for New Opportunities in 2022."

If you have ever thought about working from home in the past, you probably found that it was pretty tough to find a remote role. However, with so many changes in society in the last few years, that has started to change...

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