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Are you interested in private or small group coaching?

Need help writing essays or applications?

Would you like to attend a workshop?

Is your company or organization interested in creating a seminar?

Need curated resources? We have you covered.


We offer one-on-one coaching or small group sessions, custom-tailored to your needs.  Each participant receives individualized instruction and feedback.

To book a private coaching session, click here or email


Master Business Communications

  • Improve verbal and written skills

  • Sharpen telephone skills
    Lead live and virtual business meetings 

  • Deliver presentations for various audiences and purposes

  • Expand your business vocabulary


Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Capture your audience’s attention

  • Make your message memorable

  • Use gestures and facial expressions effectively

  • Practice the art of storytelling

  • Learn to deliver strong presentations


Better Business Writing

  • Improve written communication skills

  • Learn to write effective emails; reports and persuasive presentations

  • Strengthen the tone and impact of letters, proposals, and plans

  • Build your business vocabulary


Speak Clearly and Correctly

  • Work on pronunciation, articulation, and projection

  • Improve tone, phrasing, and pacing

  • Control anxiety; gain self-confidence

  • Develop executive presence

Private Coaching


Need help writing essays or applications? Get in touch.

To book a 1-1 appointment, click here or email

  • We write and edit college, grad school essays and applications

  • We can polish, proofread and punch-up resumes, cover letters, personal statements

  • Custom copywriting for theses, dissertations, proposals, business plans or presentations

Editorial Services
Group Workshops


Our group workshops are designed for recent graduates, mid-level professionals, career changers or entrepreneurs. Our veteran trainers provide participants with the skills they need to succeed at interviews, presentations, meetings and negotiations.


Winning the Job Interview​​

  • Learn to develop elevator pitches

  • Improve cover letters and resumes

  • Sharpen your LinkedIn profile

  • Practice answering the tough questions

  • Master the body language that says, “Hire me.”


Climbing the Corporate Ladder

  • Understanding office politics

  • Assessing office culture to make sure you fit in

  • Surviving a toxic boss

  • Defining your role, managing expectations

  • Presenting opposing points of view

  • Navigating performance reviews


Networking for Success

  • Learn to network internally and externally 

  • Conversation starters; topics to avoid

  • Delivering your elevator pitch with impact

  • How to dress for success

  • Networking etiquette and role plays


Small Talk Leads to Big Things

  • Learn the social skills and body language tips that help you get ahead

  • Learn how to talk to colleagues, clients, customers and supervisors

  • Master business etiquette tips for the office, client dinners, parties and business travel

“Success in business is about talking the talk.”

Communication skills are critical for building bonds with co-workers, customers and managers. This is our primary focus.


Speaking with confidence, fluency and flair are the keys to success in today’s workplace.

It’s not enough to be good at your job. You won’t get recognized or promoted unless you can put your thoughts and ideas across with impact and authority.


We create realistic experiences and role plays to help you use English effectively in typical business situations, such as making small talk with co-workers, dining with clients or negotiating with vendors.

You learn the words, the idioms, the references, the colloquial expressions and the mannerisms that will help you fit in and navigate the American marketplace successfully. We give you the tools you need to build your social business skills to get ahead in you career by zeroing in on situations where careers are made and advanced, such as meetings, presentations, interviews and performance reviews.


Because everyone learns differently, we tailor our program to your skills, your ability and the way you learn best. We offer small-group workshops on a variety of topics in a collegial, supportive environment.

Every student gets a free 30-minute on-boarding interview and skills audit to ensure that the choices you make will have maximum impact on your career.

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