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your career

We help non-native English speakers and cross-cultural professionals navigate the U.S. workplace.

Are you frustrated with the pace of your career growth?

Have others received the promotions and advancement you deserve?

Do people assume you’re not competent because you look or sound different?

Could your accent or cultural style be holding you back?

Do you want to speak with greater confidence, fluency or authority?

We have your back

so you can move forward


Workplace Wingmen is a career accelerator, focused on non-native speakers, diverse and cross-cultural professionals. We leverage who you are, what you know and what you can do to put you on the fast track to success.

Coaching for Private or Small Groups

Personalized training to sharpen your communication and presentation skills

Help Writing And Editing Essays

Writing essays is hard. We help you stand out, and earn acceptance to your top-choice school

Workshops for Large
Corporations Groups

Our programs can be customized to help people at any level become more effective communicators

Jing L.

Your classes prepared me for the job market, guided me to figure out what I want to do, and eventually helped me land a job that suits me.  I cannot thank you more!

Elena W.

The workshop contained a lot of good information.  It was well organized, relevant and interactive.  I came away with lots of practical advice.

Emma C.

This workshop opened my imagination. The session on cultural fit taught me a few tricks and showed me I don’t need to change my value system, I just need to adapt to the realities of the American workplace.   

Vikram H.

After the session on How to Talk to Your Boss, I was able to completely turn around my relationship with my supervisor.

Jennifer P.

The workshop really helped me frame and practice my elevator pitch. The voice exercises helped me relax and feel more confident.

Shirley R.

The voice exercises built my confidence and helped me improve my accent, my pacing and my choice of words. As a result, I’m much more willing to make presentations at work.



Here are stories our students have told us about qualified people who were denied promotions or raises because of their accents or cultural differences. Some may remind you of yourself or someone you know.

The factors that held them back – social skills, emotional intelligence, business etiquette or political savvy – are the skills Workplace Wingmen specializes in teaching.  We're here to help you succeed.

H is a recent graduate of Brooklyn College in New York.  She is eager to get an entry-level position with a consumer products company or an advertising agency.  She has met with hiring managers and in-house recruiters, but hasn’t managed to secure many interviews.


Our faculty has a combined 75 years of corporate business experience in multinationals, market leaders, insurgent competitors and startups. Our insider perspective is both invaluable and unavailable elsewhere.

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